Monday, December 17, 2007

Christmas - Christian Or Not?

This morning I heard a discussion on our local Christian radio station about the celebration of Christmas, specifically by Christians. They quoted a gentleman as saying that he didn't believe in celebrating Christmas and tried to ignore it as much as possible, in spite of family members, especially grandchildren, who might expect a little more enthusiasm - and gifts - at this time of year. They asked people to call in and add their two cents' worth, which I enthusiastically did, in spite of being in severe pain from a TMJ attack.

Not celebrate Christmas??!! I've never understood this position. Yes, I know all about the pagan roots of the chosen date for this holiday, the traditions handed down which may have questionable pedigrees, and the extravagance that has overtaken our modern day society in December. But why should Christians abdicate our special day? After all, the very name Christmas (Christ mass) tells us what it's all about. Linus' quote from St. Luke in A Charlie Brown Christmas says it all. "That's what Christmas is all about, Charlie Brown". We need to take back what is ours and show the world the real cause for celebration. Gifts and parties are no match for the "dawn of redeeming grace", the pure and holy love of God coming down to sinful man, to touch us and restore us to what we were always meant to be, people with the image of God in our hearts and lives. Our celebrations as Christians should be more joyous, more loving and more celebratory than anything the world has to offer!

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