Tuesday, April 29, 2008

How Does My Indoor Garden Grow?

Well, well! The plants are coming along just fine. The tomato plants are about six inches high with well-developed leaves. I need to transplant two of them badly. They would be done already but I ran out of potting soil and haven't had a chance to buy some more. One of the plants was already transplanted and is enjoying its new home on the windowsill. I gave up on the basil seeds and bought a plant from the grocery store. It was about 4 inches high when I bought it and now is about 8-9 inches high and is growing into quite a bush! Basil always seems to grow well, though it does need a lot of water. I also planted lavender and marigold seeds. The lavender never sprouted (sigh) but the marigold is up and has adult leaves, so it will be moving to a new pot soon. The pineapple mint is also growing very happily, especially when I moved it out of direct sunlight. I read somewhere that they actually will thrive in partial shade. I'll retry the lavender and basil seeds again, but I don't have much hope for them. Unfortunately, the strawberry seeds that came with the planter didn't sprout either. Too bad. Pictures will be coming soon.

It is so much fun to grow food indoors. It makes me feel so self-sufficient!

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