Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Spring Is Here!

"Spring has sprung, da grass is riz, I wonder where da birdies iz?" This is a little poem that my father used to recite. I tried to do research on it, and could only find that other people's parents also told it to them, and nobody can find any information on it! Oh, well.

I've cleared out my sunroom (well, it's a lot clearer than before), hung pictures and have my plants in the windowsill. Soon I'll post a picture. It's a bright, pretty room and should make a wonderful retreat, though it does get very hot in the direct sunlight!

I'm growing lettuce, basil, parsley, mint, marigolds, one golden pothos plant and some English ivy, which is trailing wonderfully. I will get a plant hanger soon so it can trail down to the floor and elsewhere. It is so much fun to grow food! There's nothing like having a salad and knowing that part of it came from your own garden. I'm going to try tomatoes again this year and see if I can get them to bloom and produce fruit. Perhaps some fertilizer will encourage them. Everything else seems to be quite happy, even though they are growing indoors. Perhaps some flowering annuals will be good to get, too, just to brighten up the room more. And another pot of marigolds.

It's fun to read the garden section of our local Sunday newspaper, though most of the advice is for people with backyards. I'm hoping that eventually more and more city people and apartment dwellers will be interested in growing plants indoors and more attention will be given to that endeavor. Why should people with houses have all of the fun?

Happy gardening to all!

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